Your Social Plan - 12 Social Post Planners with 120+ Evergreen Post Ideas

Stop struggling and start batching with these business social media post planners. Save time with hundreds of post ideas!

Save time and money while growing your social media presence by batching your social post planning with our easy to use social post planners!

The Your Social Plan Evergreen Post Planners are Social Media Post Planning Workbooks designed to help you brainstorm and create evergreen social posts and content. Evergreen posts are social posts that are reusable and are good to post at any time. They primarily share information about your company, brand, products, etc.


Why Social Post Planning & Batching

Creating social posts can be hard work, these planners help you to brainstorm and create posts in a systematic way. With Facebook reach incredibly low most people are not seeing the content that you post. Use these content planners to create posts that can be used over and over and increase your chances of connecting with your audience.

Maximize these planners by using a social media automation program like the Socially Inclined Dashboard to schedule them once and let them continue to work throughout the year.

We've been helping small and medium sized businesses for 12 plus years with online advertising and social media marketing. Since we're always being asked to develop social media marketing plans for businesses, we created the "Your Social Plan Evergreen Social Post Planners".

We provide the resources and the plan to help you succeed with your social media content creation. We've watched many entrepreneurs transform their business with social media marketing. The small daily tasks become a habit and you begin to see results. We know it works. Your success continues to motivate us to produce daily planners that will help propel your social media strategy.

How Do Daily Planners Work? 


The content planning workbooks are designed to organize your ideas in one central place, to help you plan your social media posts. The planners are designed to be used to brainstorm to create multiple versions of posts that can be used over and over.

The planners can be paired with the Socially Inclined Dashboard to schedule and automate your social media marketing. Work ahead and work smart to grow your online presence.

Why do you need to plan ahead and schedule your social media marketing?

Our planners are designed for planning ahead and batch creation your social media content. This will give you time to work on engagement on a daily basis.

First, most of us don’t have tons of time to invest in social media marketing. Our planners are designed for you to batch create many posts at once so you can reuse them over and over.



What's Included?

12 Planners each with 10 topics and 15 pages of post planning.

Below are the 12 Planners.


1. Company / Brand Spotlight

Your business has a unique story… tell it. Your audience will enjoy learning more about your business while you build the important “Like, know and trust” with them. The more you open up and share, the more connected and invested your audience will become. Take this time to get social and share interesting facts, stories, and tips about your business’ past, present and future.

2. Owner Spotlight

In most cases the owner is the face of the business and should be portrayed as approachable and someone your audience would like to do business with. By sharing facts about the owner you are building “Know, Like and Trust” and establishing a relationship with your audience.

3. Customer Service Spotlight

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of your business. You may have the best product or service in the world, but without great customer service your business will suffer. So first and foremost make sure your customer service is top notch. You do not want create posts that are explaining your great customer service and have someone comment with negative feedback. Customer service posts allow your potential customers to get to know how you do business. Ask customers to join the conversation.

4. Employee Spotlight

Employee posts engage your audience and help them feel comfortable with the people they interact with in your business. Highlight employees from the CEO to the receptionist to show that you not only have employees, but a team. This planner is a little different than the others since you could have 5+ answers for each topic. We recommend giving a workbook to each of your employees and having them fill it out about themselves.

5. Products & Services Spotlight

Share information about your products and services. Keep customers informed about new products and services, tutorials, warranties, and more. These posts should be positioned to be helpful and informative to your audience. Highlight how your products and service help your audience.

6. Community Spotlight

This planner will help to showcase and share your community involvement and charity work! When people see that your company is involved and gives back to the community you are building “know, like and trust” which can turn followers into customers. Share photos and information about events and causes that you, your company or employees care about and are involved in.

7. Industry Spotlight

Use this planner to create posts to showcase your industry including news, articles, blogs, products, FAQ’s, misconceptions, myths, events, conferences, industry leaders and more. Sharing industry posts will position you as an expert to your audience and deliver helpful information that will help to keep you and your business top of mind.

8. Client Spotlight

Showcasing your customers and clients is a great way to gain exposure for your company as well as your clients while promoting engagement. Your clients will love the exposure and may return the favor by posting about a job well done or give you are review. Creating posts about the work you have performed for them will subtly advertise your products and services. Tag your customers in these posts for more exposure and ask them to share with their friends.

9. Feedback, Social Proof, Polls & Surveys

Asking for feedback is a great way to not only start up conversations but to get valuable feedback from them. This can be in the form of online conversations, polls, surveys, case studies, reviews, twitter chats and more. These items all provide social proof and can serve as a form of reputation management to keep up to date with your brands perception in the eyes of your customer base.

10. Specials, Discounts and Coupons

Sharing your specials can really increase your business. For example, if you own a restaurant you want to capture the lunch crowd. As soon as someone begins their work break, one of the first things they do is pull out their phone to get their social media fix. When they open up their network and see you have an awesome burger special today, guess where they want to go for lunch! This can work for any industry.

11. Favorites & Recommendations

Build "Know, Like and Trust" by sharing what you like. The more people feel like they know you and your company the more comfortable they are about doing business with you. A great way to build this connection is through recommendations. They offer an interesting read for your fans as well as let them know a little about you and your business. People love talking about the products and services they love so ask what your followers recommend as well.

12. Vendors & Brands Spotlight

Think about your vendors and brands, do you purchase uniforms, office supplies, computer services, website services, cleaning services, telephone service, etc.? Recommending them can help you stand out in a few ways. One, they may give you a shout out back and that means their fans are seeing posts about your business. Second is someone may come across your page searching for them. It goes back to practicing what you preach! You want your clients to talk about you, now talk about businesses who help you!


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